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The ``Comic Bear'' series features a colorful rainbow-colored logo drawn in the style of foreign comics and a black bear wearing a rainbow cap. ``A unique, humorous, and slightly playful design that will make you laugh, and will be loved by many people...'' This is the design that was born.

A convenient outing poncho for seasons when you are concerned about UV rays. Recommended item as outerwear for babies starting in spring. The previous poncho was made of pile material and was slightly thick, giving it a thick impression in the summer, but this time it is made of gauze material, giving it a more seasonless feel. Recommended as a gift or baby shower along with matching miscellaneous goods.

??The back of the hood and the piping part have a cool design using all-over patterned fabric and color scheme.
??Just put it on and it blocks more than 90% of UV rays
. ??In the summer, it's useful to have one layer to adjust your body temperature, such as as a countermeasure against air conditioning.