BABY SHOES - 1st Step

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Origin : JAPAN

It is a simple and colorful first baby shoes, the M logo of the familiar Miki House is the point in the same logo series, you can enjoy the link code with parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends.

Because the toe goes up a little, the baby who starts walking is a specification that is easy to walk, and it can be used as a first shoe for the practice walking.

Because the part of the string is fixed rubber, there is no worry that it can be solved.

Because it opens wide with a hook-and-loop fastener, it is a design that is easy to wear.
There are also many functions to support walking!

The baby's growth is fast. Please try to measure the size of your feet frequently in about every three months, and always choose the best size shoes.

It will be pleased as a celebration of the birth.