BABY SHOES - 2nd Step

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Made in Japan

The growth of your child's feet is very important.
In prayer for the healthy growth of our children, Miki House is working with all our heart to make shoes.
There are several points in how to choose the shoes that are right for your feet.
If you are worried, please check the point of choosing shoes from here once before purchasing. Miki House Second

Shoes: When you are able to walk, activities such as running and jumping become more active.

The footing begins to form, and the range of action expands.
Shoes of these years need the function of supporting correct walking and encouraging growth while protecting them.
The second shoes of Miki House, which is popular for its simplicity.

Because it opens wide with a thick upper belt and can be fastened by adjusting it with a hook-and-loop fastener, it is recommended for children of high height.
The inside is made of pile material and the feel is gentle, and the Vero part is cushioned and soft, so the foot is??light.

Both functional and design shoes??are perfect for supporting your feet when you're able to run, fly, and walk solidly.