PYJAMA - Pureveil (Antibacterial and Antiviral)

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Material : COTTON100% (RIB) COTTON73%, POLYESTER27%

Origin : JAPAN

A long-sleeves pyjama with front opening that has been subjected to Pure Veil processing
By firmly adhering the immobilized antibacterial ingredient "Etak" developed based on the cleaning and disinfecting agent in the oral cavity to the fabric, the growth of bacteria on the fiber is suppressed and the number of specific viruses is reduced

-Uses a knotted fabric with a soft texture and a gentle touch
-Opens front and attaches / detaches with button
Trousers is ribbed, making it difficult to slip up even if you move while sleeping
As pyjama and home wear

[Fight against invisible enemies. ]
MIKI HOUSE antibacterial and antiviral processing "Pure Veil"
Excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties
Safe for children
Excellent washing durability

* What is "Etak"
Immobilized antibacterial ingredient. It is used as an antibacterial agent for oral hygiene and has been confirmed to have excellent antibacterial properties and safety
* "Antibacterial / antiviral processing" is not intended to cure or prevent illness
* "Antiviral processing" reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber
* "Antiviral processing" does not suppress the action of viruses
* Antiviral tests are conducted by leaving the virus strains ATCC VR-1679 (with envelope) and ATCC VR-782 (without envelope) at 25 degrees for 2 hours