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Made in Vietnam

MIKI HOUSE x Mizuno" collaboration shoes that value the growth of children's feet.
It is a recommended shoes that combines excellent design and functionality.

[Renewal point from conventional model]
Part 1:Upper material (leather part)
Changed to short-haired nubuck -like artificial leather.
Fuzziness due to friction is less likely to occur and increases strength.
Dirt is easy to remove and easy to handle.

Part 2:Insole "Ashiyubi walking insole"
MIKI HOUSE's original insole has been developed!
(1) Toe fitting guide to quickly find the appropriate size
(2) Toe irregularities that can be grasped with toes
(3) Structure that easily bends according to where the leg bends (back side)
(4) Printing to prevent left and right mistakes
(5) 3D structure surrounding the heel

Others it also has MIKI HOUSE original functions.
-Flex sole: When children walk, they are designed to bend along the feet. This function supports proper walking.
-Solid counter: A large hard counter is adopted. Firmly fix the heel that easily falls down inside.
-Last design with a wider foot width equivalent to 2E: Designed with a size equivalent to 2E