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Origin : JAPAN

Introducing simple and basic high socks.

The point is the embroidery of the red bus.
Ideal for going to kindergarten / school or going out everyday.

White high socks are a must-have item especially for children who are about to enter the kindergarten or school.
I'd like to have plenty of time to prepare from now on.

[Natural fiber material]
100% cotton is used for the front yarn (*), giving it a high-quality feel.It is strong against washing and suppresses the generation of hairballs.
* Some acrylic blended yarns are used depending on the color.

[Y heel] The
three-dimensional knitting structure holds the heel naturally.It is comfortable to wear.

[With reinforcing
thread]Reinforcing thread is used for the toes and heels.Firmly supports energetic movements.

What is Y heel >>
This is a new function that improves the fit and hold of the heel by making the gusset large and three-dimensional when knitting the heel.
It is called "Y heel" because the shape of the braid is "Y type".