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Red x Yellow: New colors for Spring/Summer 2024

For babies who are beginning to toddle. These first shoes are made with double Russell mesh that boasts excellent breathability and quick-drying properties. They feature a simple design that is easy to match with various outfits. These shoes firmly support babies in achieving correct walking posture.

  • Flex sole designed to bend flexibly at the bending point of the foot
  • Firm counter to securely fix the heel, preventing tilting and supporting walking
  • Toe design with ample room and rounded shape to accommodate natural foot movements
  • Adjustable and secure fastening with hook-and-loop strap
  • Elasticated laces to prevent them from coming undone
  • Recommended as a gift
  • Made in Japan

[Miki House First Shoes] First shoes provide solid support for babies who are still unstable and prone to falling. Crafted from materials and designs that are gentle on the skin, they softly wrap around the feet, encouraging a natural and correct walking posture using the toes.