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Origin : JAPAN

Mesh low-cut socks with ribbons on the sides

-Three-dimensional Y-heel??design??holds the heel firmly.
-Uses sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material for a smooth and refreshing feel.
-There is a name space inside the rubber mouth.

[MIKI HOUSE special socks] The
heel has a Y heel for a better hold.
Reinforcing thread is included in the toes to provide firm support.??<<

What is Y heel >>??This is a new function that improves the fit and hold
of the
heel??by making the gusset large and three-dimensional when knitting the??heel.
It is called "Y heel" because the shape of the braid is "Y type".

[What is
COOLMAX??]??COOLMAX?? fiber is designed so that the fabric absorbs sweat and evaporates quickly, which improves the drying speed of the fabric??and keeps it??cool and dry for a long time.
COOLMAX?? fiber is made from polyester fiber with a microchannel processed cross section or a specially processed denier gradient fabric on both sides made of fine polyester or nylon yarn to enhance performance and provide comfort.
The comfort of COOLMAX?? fiber is improved by adding LYCRA?? T400?? fiber or LYCRA?? fiber.