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Material : EMMA RESIN

Made in Japan

A??very convenient lunch bib.??You can make??a three-dimensional pocket so that you can catch spills.
Moreover, since it is portable, you can enjoy your favorite lunch style at home or outside.

Pass through the hole in the bib and stop with the button to complete the simple saucer.
It's easy to install and it's a great help for moms.

Many babies don't like lunch bibs made of hard materials.
The material of the bib is a soft soft resin that does not hurt your neck or body.

A type that is light to wear.
Please use it with plenty of space so as not to overtighten your neck.

I want to eat freely and vigorously! The baby's feelings and
the mama's feelings that it would be nice if cleaning and care were easy.
It is a convenient meal style that combines both.

Baby food and meal time will be more fun.