BABY SHOES - 2nd Step

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Origin : JAPAN

It is a second baby shoes using soft synthetic leather.
Baby shoes for children who have come to fly, run, and walk well.
The design of the wing tip is very stylish!
Elegant and clean white is perfect for formal wear.
There are also a number of features that support your baby's walking.
It is pleased as a celebration of the birth.

The baby's growth is fast.
Please try to measure the size of your feet frequently, about every three months, and always choose the best size shoes.

The belt is wide open with a hook-and-loop fastener and is easy to wear.
Because the part of the string is fixed rubber, there is no worry that it can be solved.
The part that corresponds to the ankle of the back side has a soft pad, and it is per gentle skin.
Point embroidery of [MIKIHOUSE] on the heel.