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Origin : JAPAN

Socks that make you look like you're wearing shoes and have fun.

Usako bunny design is strap shoes, and Pucci bear design is sneakers woven into socks.
Pucci bear and Usako bunny's point embroidery is on the side.

It makes me happy when I put on my socks and when I take off my shoes.

[Natural fiber material]
100% cotton is used for the front yarn (*), giving it a high-quality feel.It is strong against washing and suppresses the generation of hairballs.
* Some acrylic blended yarns are used depending on the color.

[Y heel] The
three-dimensional knitting structure holds the heel naturally.It is comfortable to wear.

[With reinforcing
thread]Reinforcing thread is used for the toes and heels.Firmly supports energetic movements.

What is Y heel >>
This is a new function that improves the fit and hold of the heel by making the gusset large and three-dimensional when knitting the heel.
It is called "Y heel" because the shape of the braid is "Y type".