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Material : PAPER

Origin : CHINA

It's a very fun picture book with 3 kinds of games that you can drive the train that everyone loves and 2 melodies!

[1] Buttons
[2] After mastering how to use the mascon,
[3] Become a driver in the Densha game and drive the train!??!!

Sound effects that match the scene and guide you with a microphone with a voice changer ?? If you
adjust the speed with a mascon, the light will shine and the speedometer needle will move ??/span>
There is no doubt that adults will be absorbed in the realistic operation!

You can study about trains and drivers with picture books, sing songs while looking at the lyrics page, and enjoy it with the whole family ?? It
is also recommended as a gift!

[Recorded songs: 2 songs]
?? Senro continues forever
?? Kisha Poppo