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Material : PAPER

Made in China

Poka Pokafu lens Collection From
Maracas rhythm Picture Books Appeared ??/span>

Dad, like a mother sang when he was small
There are six nostalgic songs.

Furu Maracas shine shiny ??/span>
Let's play a lot according to the melody ??

-Including the melody of all six songs!
?? Itomaki no Uta
?? Acorn roller
?? Happy birthday to you
?? Sparrow is samba
?? Onion Trousers
?? picnic

??Tempo ?? tone can be changed.
-Maracus one each "Maracus sound" and "two different tones" into!
You can enjoy 5 different tones with 2 bottles. It will shine shiny and shake ??/span>