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Material : COTTON100%


Origin : Japan

Because it is a thin material, you can use it cool from spring to autumn. Design with warmth and warmth, ????
Short underwear, combi underwear, hood and
Because it fully opens with the snap button to the inseam, changing clothes and changing??can be aligned in total.??Since the front snap button is on the armpit side, it does not hurt your belly even if you get lost, so it is safe. diapers is also convenient.
Pleasures for wearing clothing & fashionable to use immediately after birth, clean silhouette is also popular with mommy!
Sleeve length more than two way oar, Length is short, it is convenient to use perfect size from birth immediately.
To make the baby comfortable to spend, it combines a firm sewing and gentle texture.
I tagged the outside so as not to be cramped in your skin.
Please be sure to arrange for your baby preparation as a cute room wear ??