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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : Japan

It is a short underwear with a gentle animal pattern and a clover pattern.
Soft and warmth texture, 100% natural cotton superior absorbency and durability, is a gentle skin touch underwear. For severe baby's skin all seams and tags are on the front side. I made deepening inside, so that I did not cool down my stomach and it was hard to barefoot.
I want to protect with good underwear with excellent irritation and perspiration, good touch. Considering delicious baby's comfortable wear and comfort first, Made with carefully selected materials.
It is made in Japan.

Excellent breathability, smooth and cool touch featuring smooth. A thin flat knitted area from spring to summer.

It is a highly functional underwear that protects a baby shortly after birth.

We are carrying out "safe and safe" pure veil "processing that reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber.
-Point 1 Reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber.
-Point 2 While making full use of the texture of the material, high effect will last even after washing 50 times repeatedly.

-Point 3 The Base Is a disinfectant used for disinfection and cleaning in the mouth, so it is safe to touch the baby's skin.

Around the baby there are lots of danger of viruses and bacteria! Because babies are not resistant and vulnerable to infections, mums are safe if they are underwears who have been given "pure veil" for safe and secure processing. I want to protect with superior warmth and perspiration, underwear with less irritation.

* What is "pure veil"
Miki House developed jointly with Kurabo Industries "Pure Veil" Immobilized conjugated antimicrobial ingredient "Etak" developed based on the ingredients of mouthwash firmly infected and firmly adhered to.
Since it is processed without impairing the original soft and gentle texture of underwear, you can wear it with confidence. With carefully selected cotton and comfort, the underwear textile, It reduces the number of viruses. wrap your baby gently.