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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : Japan

It is a short underwear of a gentle animal depiction print. It is convenient to arrange cute design underwear for outing and exhibition.
Short underwear is underwear for sweating. Please make sure to fit the size that you just fit in the neonatal period so that you
In short underwear, considering overlapping, it fits naturally at the time of wearing, has become a silhouette of a straight type without feeling of stiffness.
Combination underwear, two way over,can properly take sweat and dirt of lively babies with growth.please warmly enclose the baby in warm winter
Soft and warmth texture, 100% natural cotton,superior absorbency and durability, It is a gentle to skin touch underwear.
For preventing baby's skin irritation, all seams and tags are on the front side, made with generous overlapping layer inside, as an additional protective insulation to the baby abdomen area.
It is made in Japan.

knit gauze fabric~
Soft and soft year-round material ~ Softness, elasticity, hygroscopicity, high heat retention, high touch, gentle and comfortable touch Featuring.