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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

White underwear is a basic item for childbirth preparation so that you can easily notice changes in your baby's complexion.
Long underwear is underwear used in the newborn period when there is little movement of the legs.

Since there is no hook, it is convenient at this time when there are many diaper changes.
Underwear is a very important item for controlling the temperature of a baby.

Adjust the climate and daily temperature changes by layering underwear.
On hot days, one piece of underwear is enough.

It is a soft and warm underwear made of 100% natural cotton with excellent water absorption and durability.

All seams and tags are exposed for delicate baby skin. The abdomen is not cooled, and the ties are deepened so that it is difficult to remove.
I want to protect it with underwear that is soft to the touch, has excellent heat retention and sweating properties, and is less irritating.

We made delicate babies with the utmost care and comfort, using carefully selected materials.
It is made in Japan in pursuit of safety and security because it is the first thing that a baby wears.