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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

Combination underwear of a gentle pattern with flowers and cars printed.

Combination underwear is underwear for keeping warm. I will use it for short underwear It wraps the legs to the top and guards the abdomen firmly.
It is a silhouette spreading at the hem that does not cling to fit the baby's M type foot. Since crotch hook is attached, even if the movement of the foot becomes active, it would not be restricted.

Soft and warmth texture, 100% natural cotton superior absorbency and durability, It is a gentle skin touch underwear. For baby's skin protection, all seams and tags are on the front side. Made with generous overlapping fabric inside,provide maximum cover around the abdomen area.
Considering delicate baby's skin, comfortable wear and comfort comes first, It is made with carefully selected materials and baby safety in mind.

India cotton--Refreshingly refreshing ~
Excellent breathability, smooth and cool touch featuring smooth. A thin flat knitted area from spring to summer.

It is a highly functional underwear that protects a baby