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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

Unisex baby Hadagi can used both on boys or girlsHadagi Kimono-style Bodysuit.

Yellow chicks and small polka dots, and when you look closely, it's a very cute combination underwear that hides clovers and clouds.
Combi underwear is for keeping warm. Use it on top of short underwear. It wraps up to your feet and protects your abdomen.

It is a silhouette with a wide hem that does not cling to the baby's M-shaped feet. With a crotch hook, it doesn't just mean that your legs are moving actively.
Underwear with a soft and warm texture, using 100% natural cotton with excellent water absorption and durability, and a gentle touch. All seams and tags are exposed for delicate baby skin. The abdomen is not cooled, and the ties are deepened so that it is difficult to remove.
I want to protect it with underwear that is soft to the touch, has excellent heat retention and sweating properties, and is less irritating. We made delicate babies with the utmost care and comfort, using carefully selected materials.
It is made in Japan in pursuit of safety and security because it is the first thing that a baby wears.

-Soft and gentle-
knitted fabric that can be used all year round. A standard material with a soft texture that has good elasticity and breathability.

High-performance underwear that protects newborn babies.

It has a safe and secure "Pure Veil" process that reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber.
Point 1 Reduces the number of specific viruses on the fiber
Point 2 While making the best use of the texture of the material, the high effect lasts even after washing 50 times repeatedly.
Point 3 Used for disinfecting and cleaning the mouth It is safe to touch the baby's skin because it is based on the disinfectant that is used.

There is a lot of danger of viruses and bacteria around the baby! Babies are not resistant and vulnerable to infections, so moms can rest assured that their underwear is treated with a safe and secure "Pure Veil".