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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

It is a Hadagi Kimono-style Bodysuit using the ultimate cotton grown in the Caribbean Sea, the island cotton.
Luxurious Hadagi is recommended for childbirth preparations and celebrations.

-A touch like cashmere and a luster like silk.
-Has the softest texture of cotton and has a beautiful silky luster.
-It is stronger and lighter than any cotton.
-Hadagi made from sea-island cotton is soft and has a moderate thickness, so there is resilience, and the soft texture is maintained even after repeated washing.
-Because there are many natural twists, the water absorption is enhanced, the moisture absorption is excellent, and you can keep comfort even if you sweat.
-Soft and soft Hadagi soft and comfortable to the touch
-Reliable product made in Japan
-Hadagi for heat retention
- for body temperature regulation is not good baby Hadagi Kimono-style Short Bodysuit used on top of
-A hem-wide silhouette that does not cling to your baby's M-shaped legs.
-It doesn't stop even if the movement of the foot becomes active with the crotch hook.

What is [Umijima cotton]
-A "fiber jewel" that is carefully grown under the favorable weather conditions of the Caribbean Sea.
-Mass production is difficult and the picking is done by hand one by one.
-Rarity that annual production is said to be less than 1/100,000 of all cotton in the world. It is a valuable material that has maintained high quality through strict management.

-The yarn spun with "Kaijima cotton", which boasts the longest fiber length among many cotton, is characterized by supple and elegant luster and excellent water absorption, durability, and resilience.
-Since the fiber contains a large amount of fats and oils, it feels slimy to the touch and feels soft to the skin. Ideal for babies with sensitive skin.