MITTEN (Sea-Island Cotton)

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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : Japan

What is [Sea Island Cotton]

It is carefully nurtured only under the blessed weather conditions of the Caribbean Sea, and is called a "fiber jewel" because of its rarity value.
Mass production is difficult, and picking is done carefully one by one by hand.
-Rarity that the annual production is said to be less than 1 / 100,000 of the total cotton in the world.
It is a valuable material that has maintained high quality through strict control.
"Superior quality"
-The yarn spun from "Sea Island Cotton", which boasts the longest fiber length among cotton, has a supple and unique elegant luster, and is characterized by excellent water absorption, durability and resilience.
-Since the fiber contains a large amount of oil and fat, it feels slimy to the touch and is soft to the touch.Ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

The mittens made of sea island cotton are soft and have a moderate thickness, so they have resilience and maintain a soft texture even after repeated washing.
Due to the large amount of natural twist, it has high water absorption, excellent hygroscopicity, and keeps you comfortable even if you sweat.