BABY SHOES - Pre Shoes

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Origin : Japan

It is a pre-shoes of soft synthetic leather material with one point embroidery of Kuma-chan and Usa-chan.
Pre-shoes are baby shoes that are gentle on the feet of delicate babies who have not yet developed bones or muscles.
Still wrapped firmly unfinished joints, it combines a specification that is easy to wear with a sense of stability.
Before you start, it also has a role as a training shoe to get used to shoes, perfect for practicing walking around the house.
I use a soft material so as not to put a burden on the foot of a delicate baby.
Three-dimensional non-slip on the sole of the shoe.
It can be firmly stopped with a large belt of wide.
It is easy to wear it by opening it wide, and it can be adjusted with a hook-and-loop fastener according to the height of the armor.
Pre-shoes that are gentle on the baby's feet and have the ability to start the??practicing walking??comfortably!