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Material : COTTON100% (RIB) COTTON74% POLYESTER26%

Made in Japan

Coverall is a cute design that coordinated coat type salopette style pants.
It is very cute because it seems to be a girl! It is a fashionable coverall that looks like an all-in-one type wind like a wrapped knitted fabric blouse with a Salopette.

It's convenient because you can dress in a separate style with 1 piece. Pants shoulder straps and collars are finished like girls with race and frill tailoring.
It is easy to change clothes and change diapers as it fully opens to the crotch in front hook. You can wear lightly with a thin sheeting material, with a refreshing gingham check, in a clean atmosphere.
Inseam of underpants is 7 minutes long, so you can wear it until a warm season convenient.
Of course foot temperature is adjusted with socks and leg warmers! Please dress in style! It is also recommended for outing style.