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Material : (FACE) COTTON 50%, ACRYLIC 50% (LINING) COTTON 100%

Origin : JAPAN

It is an elegant cape of watermark knitting.
It has a clean feeling and is recommended for childbirth celebrations.
・ With a lining of cotton material that feels good, moderate
・ Because it can be put on without going through the arm, it is convenient to put on and take off.
・ When you move your hand, you can fasten the buttons on the cuffs and it is easy to move.
・ From the time you are born, you can leave the hospital, visit the shrine, go out, and use until around the age of 2.
・Recommended for chilly seasons in early spring and cool seasons in autumn.
・ It is convenient for thermoregulation, such as cooling measures in summer, and can be used almighty.