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Material : COTTON100% (RIB) COTTON74%, POLYESTER26%

Origin : JAPAN

Size ; 50cm -60cm

Neckline lace is elegant and neat image. Petit lace is not exotic, yet it is directing cute cute like a girl.
With the front opening button, fully opening to the crotch, so it is easy to change clothing and diaper change. It can be used immediately, daily & fashionable preor is a popular item with a neat silhouette.

Sleeve length than two way oar, soon after being born in a short length, you can use it just for the perfect size . 10 minutes length perfectly cute from the new generation! As a seven-minute length which is easy to move around 3 months, you can wear it according to the growth.
There is no doubt that it will make a big success everyday in the newborn period when more laundry is needed! Please adjust your body temperature with socks and leg warmers and so on.
Flora print of perfect cute is also recommended for gifts.