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100% cotton
(Rib part) 74% of cotton, 26% of polyester

Country of origin : Japan

It is a cute body shirt with a bow tie-like item.
Shirt sleeve shirt It is a real shirt body shirt you want to wear in sense!

It is a cute print pattern that imaged the suspender to the shirt and imaged in a tuxedo style.
The chest decoration button was very cute finished with applique embroidery.

Because it is fully opened with side hooks, change of clothes is easy!
The diaper change is also convenient with the inseam hook.
It is a side hook that avoided the stomach center, and it is recommended to wear comfortable even when becoming a prone.

Also, I am safe because I am not hungry even if I hug or move around.
When you spend at home, with one piece, adjust your body temperature with a leg warmer at your feet!
Combining your favorite woven clothing and bottoms, excellent stuff that will let you go out style as it is.

A body shirt that puts out soup in summer and can keep you cool is an item indispensable for summer.

Body shirt that can wear underwear not like underwear, no matter how many pieces it is convenient.
You can easily make cute coordination with bloomers and shorts etc.??