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Material :COTTON100%

Made in JAPAN

A cute baby hat with ears.

Specification: UV shielding rate (UV cut) 90% or more
Comfortable cotton bottle leather (sweat absorption, quick drying, antibacterial deodorization)
Safety design that the chin strap off material Tuck picket (ear / circle back) 60/2 Tenjiku border (lining) loan

Safety design that the chin strap comes off when pulled 
The bottle skin around the head that hits the skin is 100% cotton with excellent water absorption
?? The back side is a sweat-absorbing quick-drying material kneaded with antibacterial and deodorant ingredients
 The head circumference is a hook-and-loop fastener on the back Adjustable
Cuts UV rays by 90% or more just by wearing it
Received the Kids Design Award

[Safety design]
When the string is caught or pulled by something, it is safe because the string comes off from the root.
-The part where the string comes off is set to a place that does not touch the skin.

[Comfortable and highly functional "sweat- absorbing tape"]
-Special double-sided structure
-The front surface (the surface that touches the skin) is soft and has good water absorption "100% cotton material"
-The back surface has excellent sweat absorption and??quick-drying properties and is kneaded with antibacterial and deodorant ingredients "Polyester capillary fiber"


Safety design (hat)

Sweat tape


SS (40-44 cm)

S (44-48 cm)