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Origin : JAPAN

It is a winter clothing with a smooth coat and luxury.
It is popular item as a gift.

-Micro Fur materials with high warmth retaining breathability are light and warm.
-Because it is moist and soft, the sense of volume is suppressed, it does Not bulky design, not bulky.
-The lining is breathable, the indoor sheet material is soft.
-The baby cloak can be used as a kneeling, a sleeping bag during the period of sleep, and you can easily wear it as a cape after You sit your neck.
-When you can do it, useful items that can be used as Poncho.
-It can be attached and detached with the front hook, with a specification easy to move when preventing the cuff's hook, you can reduce the wind blowing without escaping the heat of the body.
-It is convenient to use for about 6 months to around 2, 3 years old.