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Origin : JAPAN

A baby cream for the delicate skin of the baby.
The effect of a multi-layered moisturizing veil lastsmoisture. Because it stretches well, it is easy to paint.

Although it is a cream, it is characterized by a smooth and soft feeling of use around the skin, and it is effective to apply it with emphasis on the drying season and especially areas where dryness is a problem.
Contains squalane to create a soft oil veil and natural melting wax* that melts on the skin.

Beeswaw (moisturizing ingredient): It is a simple jar type that opens and closes with a size that is easy to fit in the hand so that moms themselves can enjoy skin care.

[Kids Design Award]

* Petroleum surfactants, ULTRAVIOLET absorbers,??animal-derived ingredients, parabens,
synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments, alcohols, mineral oil-free.