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Origin : JAPAN

For a comfortable environment for babies ... "Mineral mist from MIKI HOUSE".
MIKI HOUSE Mineral Mist is mainly composed of natural minerals.
An antibacterial, antiviral and deodorant made only from natural minerals and pure water.
It is baby-friendly, safe and secure.

-"Miki House Mineral Mist" does not contain any impurities and is colorless and odorless, so you can rest assured. It exhibits excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties due to the action of natural minerals, which are the main components.
It also has excellent deodorant properties because it decomposes harmful organic substances and odor components in the air, and its effects last for a long time.
-Can be used for everything around your baby and keeps it clean and comfortable at all times.

ways to use Strollers, child seats,
futons, clothes
toys, stuffed animals
Room curtains, carpets, mats