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Material : PLASTIC

Origin : CHINA

It's a "tooth??filling" for babies with various functions Babies are curious about anything and can put it in their mouths.?? I'm worried that I might eat something strange without noticing it!?? In that case, please give me a club with these teeth.?? It's a material that you can put in your mouth and lick or chew, so you don't have to worry about swallowing it.
The material that has different elasticity depending on the parts stimulates the gums.?? The round claws that make you want to get rid of are polyethylene resin. Elastomer resin is a soft material for the feet that make you want to squeak. The baby is delighted to hear a rattling noise when shaken It's cute even with baby clothes as a baby gift??
After use, wipe it well with a clean towel moistened with water or lukewarm water. Make sure to dry it completely before keeping it clean.??Please do not wash with water.????Water may get into the main body and it may not be possible to drain it.
Never disinfect with boiling water, boiling water, microwave oven, or chemical disinfection.
Since it exceeds the heat resistant temperature (60 degrees) of the material used, it may cause deformation or malfunction.
* Please check the notes on the attached paper for safe use. Also, please keep the precautions in a safe place so that you can refer to them at any time.