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Origin : CHINA

It is a small and easy-to-grip fruit-shaped rattle The oranges, grapes and apples are made of soft materials and are easy to chew.It looks like a real gummy candy.A nice glow on a small tip!When you shake the beads on the handle, you will hear a soft bead tone.It is safe and unpainted even if licked.* This product uses a soft material for the fruit part so that it feels gentle and chewy.Therefore, it may be sticky or sticky, especially in a high temperature environment, but this is not a malfunction of the product.

Please use with confidence.

[Cleaning method]
After use, wipe it well with a clean towel moistened with water or lukewarm water, and dry it completely before keeping it clean.Please do not wash with water.Water may get into the main body and it may not be possible to drain it.
Never disinfect with boiling water, boiling water, microwave oven, or chemical disinfection.Since it exceeds the heat resistant temperature (60 degrees) of the material used, it may cause deformation or malfunction.
* Please check the notes on the attached paper for safe use.Also, please keep the precautions in a safe place so that you can refer to them at any time.