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Origin : JAPAN

A trumpet toy of soft material


Since it makes a sound even if it breathes or blows, you can have fun playing and enjoying your baby Even if you blow or breathe, you can make sound, so double the fun! It is also ideal for breathing exercises.

Washing, chemical disinfection OK! You can wash it anytime.
(* You can disinfect only the main body.Hooks can not be disinfected.)

It can be used by hanging with hook with round impact. It is convenient to install on a stroller and so on. The tape part can be removed from the main body.
* This product uses soft materials. Therefore, there are stickiness and stickiness especially in a high temperature environment, but there is no abnormality of the product. Please use with confidence.
* ST (Toy Safety Standards Accepted (Safety Toy))

[Attention on disinfection/span>
The body can be disinfected. Please read the disinfection method below carefully.
Hooks can not be disinfected. Wipe with water or cloth with lukewarm water.
Wash the belt with hand wash, avoid washing machine, rinse well, please rinse. well.

[Washing / disinfection method]
Please wash with cold or warm water. After washing, shake well, drain the water, please dry.
Medicine liquid disinfection (* hook can not be disinfected) When disinfecting chemicals, please use disinfectant exclusive for baby products used for baby bottles. Follow the instructions on how to disinfect each disinfectant.
Do not wash dishwasher, hot water disinfection, boil disinfection. , range disinfection. Please be discouraged.
* For safe use Please check the attached notes how to use. Also please keep important notes carefully so that you can refer at any time