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Material : POLYESTER100%

Origin : CHINA

It is a cute bear and a bunny's music box Pull a tail cord, a soft melody music boxes ring.
Song title: Bullms' lullaby (Music boxes flow on average five to) six times, but the number of times the sounds are ringed depends on the location and subtraction, and also the number of times the string sounds also depends on the return condition.

[Handling Precautions]
Parents are required to pull strings of music boxes.
The recommended age is from 6 months, but please use it at the place where parents' eyes can reach at any time.
The string is slightly tight considering safety. Please note that excessive drawing will cause failure of the music box.
Depending on the state of the music box and usage environment, the tail string may not return to its original position. Please note.
There are other points to note in *. For safe use please check the notes on the back of the box. Also please keep important notes carefully so that you can refer at any time.
[Care instructions]
When washing, be sure to remove the mechanical box of music box, please only wash the stuffed toy.
Hand wash gently with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly with water, please drain well. (Do not use washing machine / dehydrator)
After washing please prepare the shape and please shade soon. Please avoid tumble dry.
Because of the nature of the material, it may shrink somewhat.
If used in a state that it is not completely dry, it may cause mold. Please be careful.
* Please also check other notes.