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Material : POLYESTER100%

Origin : CHINA

It is a teddy bear that will do a peek-a-boo.A fluffy and soft finish with a slightly curled short coat.You can sit firmly and stably on the buttocks.It's so lovely to see a little child facing a bear and playing a peek-a-boo
[How to play]
When you push the button on the back of the left foot, "Baby laughter" and "baby laughter." With exquisite timing, you Will not do not have a few times. Press it again to stop. When you press the button on the back of the right foot, the melody flows, sometimes there are not any actions to do. I have 2 songs. Press it again to stop.
[2 melodies]
Sing a song of 6 pence (Sing a Song of Sixpence) Muffin selling (The Muffin Man)
ST (safety toy) passed the toy safety standards
* For safe use please check the notes on the back of the box. Also please keep important notes carefully so that you can refer at any time.