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Material : WOOD

Origin : VIETNAM

It is a wood toy set using natural beech wood.

Toys recommended from low age.
- Natural design that you can feel the warmth of wood.
"Queen of Forest" called, using natural beech wood grain beautiful and soft touch.
??You can play 5 different ways to match your growth.

0 to 3 months Bear Rattle
The baby is not yet clearly visible, but only the ear is heard very well. Let's speak with a gentle sound bear.
3 to 6 months Ring Rattle
It is about time to begin holding small objects. Let's play Niginigi with Ring Rattle.
6 ~ 9 Month Circle Rattle
When turning and sitting can be done. Let's roll and play.
9 to 12 months Car Rattle
It is about time to start hi-hi. Chase with a car rattle.
1 year old ~ combination play
Practice the combination like a puzzle. Bear rally on the carat launch and start!