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Origin : Japan

A mug set that can be trained in stages until the baby can drink milk and juice well in a cup.

?? Each part can be easily removed and washed, and a dishwasher can be used.
?? Easy to clean, only the main body can be microwaved.
(* Two straw tubes and one straw are provided as spares.)

About stromagu
When you push the push button, the straw hood opens a little.
At that time, an air hole opens and adjusts the internal pressure of the main body to then open it back by hand.

* This product is difficult to leak, but it is not completely sealed. If the contents are inserted and carried diagonally, sideways, or upside down, they may leak due to various conditions ..
* There is a little play in the handle part. This is to prevent parts from being damaged due to falling, etc., so it is not a malfunction.

??aby mug??/span>??(From breast milk to baby mug)
From about 3 months.
From about 3 months, the nipple-type mouthpiece can be smoothly switched from breast milk with a soft touch.
A cross-cut nipple that can be adjusted according to the baby's ability to suck.
The baby mug nipple is a nipple that ??annot be crushed by sucking ??

Training mug??(From baby mugs to training mugs)
From around 5 months.
Leave the nipple for training in the straw. Silicone spout that is soft and gentle on your mouth.