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Material : COTTON 100%

Origin : JAPAN

It is a baby bath towel using asoft and soft twisted thread material .

Fluffy soft texture, convenientfor wiping the delicate baby's body. The triangular part is a baby bath towel that can be completely covered on the baby's head.

Because I use the thread (unt twisted thread) spun without twisting, it is fluffy softness!
Excellent water absorption and soft feel continue even after repeated washing.
Because it uses cotton with long fiber, it is also characterized by less fluff.
Towels made from carefully selected high-quality yarns with a full fiber
It is a finish that combines softness and durability.
Excellent water absorption and high safety have cleared the standard of "Imabari towel" of the highest standard in Japan.

In addition, high-density tissue realizes high UV shielding rate.
It is water absorbent, really pleasant and has a gentlefeel.
A large square bath towel is also convenient for wrapping the body of a lying baby completely! By all means, please add it tothe birth preparation.

What is unt twist yarn:
Non-twisted yarn is a yarn made in a special way without twisting the fiber. The fabric using unt twisted yarn is surprisingly soft and soft compared to regular fabric using twisted yarn.
It has excellent absorption, is hard to become hard even after washing, and maintains softness. In addition, because it uses carefully selected cotton, there is little fluff drop, and there is a natural luster.
It is the most stress-free natural material for the skin of a freshly born baby.