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Material : COTTON100%

Origin : JAPAN

Gauze Bath Towel that feels good against the skin.
Gauze item that is useful for taking a bath, replacing swaddling, taking a nap, going out, etc.
Childbirth preparation, baby gifts, gifts (gift recommended).
Gauze the front is gauze and the back is a towel cloth, it feels good on the skin and is ideal for hot water.
-A square that is easy to wrap your baby.
Uses a yarn that does not easily become fluffy and hard even when washed while leaving a non-twisted yarn touch.

[MIKI HOUSE towel]
-Only high-quality yarns with the same fiber length are carefully selected and used.
-A finish that is both soft and durable.
-Excellent water absorption and high safety that have cleared the "Imabari Towel" standard, which is the highest level in Japan.
-Achieves a high UV shielding rate due to the high-density structure. (UV shielding rate 90% or more)