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Material : POLYESTER100%

Origin : VIETNAM

Trousers made of water-repellent material.
A recommended item for children who like sports taste, with an atmosphere different from denim and twill.
A jacket made of the same material and setup Coordination are also recommended.
-A comfortable polyester material that is a blend of soft and highly elastic threads called Solotex.
-Nine-quarter length Trojans that are based of sports mix and allow Coodination.
-Functionality by switching around the knees so that it can respond smoothly to active children's movements.
-The embroidery on the back of the calf is a design point that has never been seen before, and it stands out even from behind.
-Items that can be used in all seasons together with winter items.

"SOLOTEX" Solotex is a fiber with infinite possibilities that makes everything comfortable to wear and use. Uses water-recellent functional material
-We do not guarantee complete prevention of water intrution.
It is inevitable that the effect will be reduced by repeated wearing and smashing.