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First baby shoes made of high quality and soft synthetic leather material.??With a black point design on a white base, these baby shoes can be worn for any occasion.

- Adopts polyester mesh material with antibacterial, antiviral, and pure veil processing on the inside and insole
- Suppresses the growth of bacteria inside the shoe and suppresses the generation of unpleasant odors
- Flex sole - Firm counter - Foot design - Comes with Miki House Shoes special features such as toe springs
- Baby shoes that firmly support your baby's correct walking from the time they start toddling and resting - The toes
are slightly raised, making it easy for babies who are just starting to walk. The deep cut firmly holds the
ankle. The instep belt is adjustable with a hook-and-loop fastener, making it convenient for children with high insteps. It??has flexibility and fits well with the foot, making it easy to walk.