BABY SHOES - 2nd Step

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Origin : Japan

It is a second shoe recommended for children who are able to run around firmly.
Simple soft leather shoes are also recommended for formal scenes.
The design of attention by punching of the star??pattern.

Vero part is a little thicker specification than ordinary shoes, it is less likely to get caught in the shoe when you put the foot.
Because the fastener is attached to the base of the upper belt part, the upper belt is wide open, and it is easy to put the foot.
The upper belt is fastened by adjusting it with a hook-and-loop fastener, and it is convenient for children of armor.
By "firm counter", and function to firmly support the soft feet of the child, bending in the correct position can be easily stepped back, "flex sole" specification so that it is easy to walk.
Shoes that are full of functionality and design are ideal for supporting the feet that can run, fly, and walk firmly.