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We recommend choosing the size based on your child's actual measurements due to the relaxed fit design.

This collaboration shoe by MIKIHOUSE and Mizuno is designed with your child's foot growth in mind. It's a recommended kids' shoe that combines excellent design and functionality. The main materials, synthetic leather and mesh, are environmentally friendly, being based on recycled polyester.

【Point 1】Uses short-nap nubuck-like synthetic leather for the upper material

  • Resistant to fuzzing caused by friction, increasing durability
  • Easy to clean and handle, making maintenance hassle-free

【Point 2】Uses the "Ashiyubi Walk" insole, an original MIKIHOUSE insole

  • Toe structure that can be gripped by the toes
  • Flexing structure that bends according to the foot
  • 3D structure that wraps around the heel
  • Fitting guide to determine the correct size immediately (slightly larger shoes, perfect fit, slightly smaller shoes)
  • Matching print to align left and right

Other MIKIHOUSE original features include:

  • Flex sole, firm counter, and foot shape design, among other meticulous features of MIKIHOUSE shoes
  • The instep strap is adjustable with hook-and-loop fastener, convenient for children with high insteps