Feet Measurement

We recommend to measure your child's feet before you decide which size of shoes to purchase for him or her.  


  1. Print out this sheet from here. (IMPORTANT: Choose the original size - 100% as the print magnification before printing out)
  2. Let your child stand on the sheet.
  3. Place his/her heel and second toe on the middle line.
  4. Measure the length from the heel and the longest toe of both sides.
  5. It is not unusual that one foot is slightly bigger than the other foot.
  6. Add 0.5 cm to 4)
  7. That will be the correct size of shoes for your child!
  8. Measure every 3 months as children's feet can grow fast and get the correct sized shoes to allow the proper growth of their feet. 


If you stay near our store, visit our store and our friendly staff are happy to help to measure your child's feet.

Whatsapp us at 8227 3735.  We are happy to assist in finding the correct size for your child.