About us

Welcome to Miki House Singapore online store!

This online store is run by Miki House Singapore.  Our store is located at Takashimaya Singapore 4F, Children department store.  Miki House products sold here are limited.  For more product choices, do come and visit our store.

Miki House's dream & hope!

The smiles of children surrounded by those they love.  The smiles of children focused on doing the things they love to do.

They're what make taking care of the little ones who mean so much to us worthwhile. They're what fill adult hearts with happiness and joy.

We want to make the world a brighter place for growing children.  We want to fill the loves of children and their families with smiles.  And we want to help kids' dreams grow. 

Ever since our founding, we at Miki House have been dedicated to making these ideals a reality.

Our core value of selling products that put children first is what made us what we are today, and we look forward to designing products that fill the loves of children and their families with smiles.

Miki House Singapore, we are a member of Miki House.