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Important Notice Regarding the Product: As this is a hygiene product, we regret to inform you that we cannot accept returns once the packaging has been opened. We kindly ask for your understanding in advance.

This is a sleeveless short undershirt made of mesh jersey material. It's a comfortable undershirt with excellent breathability, perfect for hot summers.

Features excellent breathability and a light, refreshing feel for cool and comfortable wear.
Made from material with excellent absorbency and durability.
Made in Japan for peace of mind.
Designed as an undershirt for sweat absorption.
High-function undershirt treated with antibacterial and antiviral processing 'Pure Veil.'
※ "Antiviral and Antibacterial Processing"
Utilizes fiber processing materials treated with fixed antibacterial components "Etak® (Etak)" developed based on components used for oral cleaning and disinfection. It wraps babies gently while maintaining the comfortable texture of cotton. Developed in collaboration with Kurabo.
※ "Antibacterial and Antiviral Processing" is not intended for the treatment or prevention of diseases.
※ "Antiviral Processing" reduces the number of specific viruses on the fibers.
※ "Antiviral Processing" does not suppress the activity of viruses.
※ Antiviral efficacy testing was conducted by leaving ATCC VR-1679 (envelope present) at 25°C for 2 hours.