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This is a soft and lightweight double gauze multi-blanket. It features popular Miki House bear patterns and animal prints. Being light and thin, it's a convenient item that can be used for various purposes such as draping, pulling, and wrapping in different situations. It can be used all year round and is recommended for baby shower gifts or presents.

  • By securing the two layers of material in some places, the layers are kept from separating and the soft texture is maintained.
  • Useful for temperature regulation in summer, such as against air conditioning, and for outings.
  • Lightweight and excellent in breathability and quick-drying ability, it's easy to dry due to its double gauze construction.
  • It's cool in summer and warm in winter, making it a versatile item for all seasons.

??Various uses for different occasions ??/p>

  • As a sheet for diaper changing
  • As a cover to guard against spit-up during burping
  • As a cape during breastfeeding
  • As a swaddle blanket
  • As a knee blanket for mom
  • For sunshade or warmth
  • Folded into a pillow for the baby