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The ``Comic Bear'' series features a colorful rainbow-colored logo drawn in the style of foreign comics and a black bear wearing a rainbow cap. ``A unique, humorous, and slightly playful design that will make you laugh and be loved by many people...'' This is the design that was born.

This is a multi-ticket from the "Comic Bear" series with an eye-catching all-over logo. It's convenient and can be used in all seasons, so it's recommended as a gift along with items from the same series, baby goods, adult items, etc.

??In the summer, it is useful for adjusting body temperature as a countermeasure for air conditioning, and when going out.
??Double-woven gauze that is lightweight, breathable, and has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties.
??A seasonal, versatile item that stays cool in the summer and warm with air in the winter.

??arious ways to use depending on the scene????For sheets when changing diapers
??A cover that prevents burping from being regurgitated.
??For a cape when breastfeeding
??For swaddling
??On mom's lap
??For sunshade and cold protection
??Fold up and use as a baby pillow