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Miki House's standard first shoes.
We support the correct walking of the baby.
It is also recommended for childbirth celebration.

?? For a baby walking
?? Use a soft pile fabric with pure veil processed (antibacterial and antiviral processing) on ??€?he inside and middle bottom of the shoes.
??made in Japan

[First shoes]
First shoes support the walking of a baby that is still unstable and easy to fall.
It is a shoe that encourages the natural and correct way of walking using the toes while gently wraps your feet with good materials and designs per skin.

[Pure veil processing of Miki House]
?? Excellent antibacterial / antiviral properties
?? High safety
?? Excellent washing durability

The function of antibacterial and antiviral processing "pure veil" applied to the pile fabric inside the shoes suppresses the growth of bacteria inside the shoes and suppresses the occurrence of unpleasant smell.