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Miki House's popular long-selling classic baby shoes made of polyester mesh.
The design with bear stitching is also recommended as a baby gift.

??First shoes that support toddlers in walking correctly
??The inside and insole of the shoes are made of soft pile fabric with Pureveil treatment (antibacterial and antiviral treatment)
??Made in Japan

First shoes provide solid support for babies who are still unstable and prone to falling.
These shoes are made of materials and designs that are comfortable against the skin, gently enveloping your feet, and encourage a natural and correct way of walking using your toes.

[MIKI HOUSE's Pure Veil Processing]
- Excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties
, high safety
, and excellent washing durability.

The antibacterial and antiviral treatment ``Pure Veil'' applied to the pile fabric on the inside of the shoes prevents bacteria inside the shoes. suppresses the growth of bacteria and suppresses the occurrence of unpleasant odors.


*"Anti-viral/anti-bacterial processing"
Uses anti-viral functional fiber processed material using "Etak??", a fixed anti-bacterial ingredient developed based on ingredients used for cleaning and disinfecting the oral cavity.
Gently wrap your baby with the comfortable cotton texture.??This was realized through joint development with Kurabo Industries.

*"Antibacterial/antiviral processing" is not intended to cure or prevent disease.
*"Anti-viral processing" reduces the number of specific viruses on.